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28 March 2008 @ 02:30 am
So this is my tribute to Kaba Modern! Most people know I like anything to do with music, be it musicals, music, dance, Broadway etc. etc. So I've been loosely following America's Best Dance Crew on MTV, and seeing who makes it but I always watched Kaba Modern's routines, since I saw their first one on the auditions.So they are one of my favorites, and them being all Asian had nothing to do with it, although that's cool too! Well here are all their performances from the show! It would've been nice to see them up against JabbaWokeeZ, but that didn't go. JabbaWokeeZ were my other favs on this show, and I'm glad they won!

On with the vids! WARNING there are A LOT of vids in this cut!Collapse )</div>

Ep 1 - Entire Section

Ep 2 - In the Middle

Ep 3 - -4:20 left

Ep 4 - -4:07 - Very Awesome with the seperate roles, gotta love the part where the guys are like pulling the girls up from the floor!

Ep 5 - -5:30 -BWAHAHAHAHAHA with the hands at the end of their performance!!!!

Ep 6 - 2 Parts, the opener with the last 4 crews was cool!

The actual challenge - Since there is no judging in this part of the ep (you need the next parts to see the judging) There was an error but that tthey did well to keep going without letting it kill them.

Ep 7 - The final competition for them - If they weren't going up against JabbaWokeeZ, they would be in the finals, I say they are better than Status Quo, it's been pretty proven throughout the competition. And I want one of those sweatshirts!

Ep 8 - Encore dance! - With JabbaWokeeZ and Fish and Chicks

Hope you enjoy the vids and their dance style, which is more on the tight side then the flailing side!

Maybe I'll do one of these for JabbaWokeeZ but this kinda took a while to find exactly which clip they were in and such!

EDIT - For some reason MTV is being dumb and not letting their own embed codes work so you have to link to their site. But here is one vid that I found on Youtube, hopefully I'll find the rest and post those as well. this is from Week 2

Here's the vid!Collapse )

EDIT 2 - I found a montage video that has everything from the autions until ep 7

Are you use to this yet? Click here for the vid!Collapse )
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27 March 2008 @ 01:34 am
I warn you this is FRIGGIN' AWESOME but it's long. It's the presence of DOA vs. Squinix pretty much even though the creator called it Dead Fantasy. Check this out! I present to you Dead Fantasy 1 and 2

Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy II

Now enjoy the show and go get some popcorn before you start watching! I may or may not comment about Anime Boston later!
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05 March 2008 @ 04:18 pm

Ok, so I was bored one day and decided to create this play list, mostly it's Jpop, but it's songs I like so I decided to share ^_^x.

Well I like the songs even if you don't! hahahaha. Anyways there is one song on here by Tokyo Incidents (Tokyo Jihen) called Killer Tune, everytime I hear it makes me want to break out and swing dance! See the video below, they have a part towards the end where they do the Charleston.

Anyways... Enjoy!
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15 February 2008 @ 09:42 pm
So today is a woot-off, and low and behold what comes up the ever elusive.... BAG OF CRAP (officially named Random Crap), so I'm on the order page and I get so close yet so far... Why you ask... well I submit and get this....

"This sale is sold out."


Oh well always next time right?
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13 December 2007 @ 12:53 am
It seems I haven't posted here in like forever, of course there is not much to my life right now except that I am always working, and what not. Hopefully one day I'll do a real post though.